Diesel generator set for overall layout before installation

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
Diesel generating set is usually the diesel engine and generator with coupling directly connected together, common installed in steel chassis, to form the generating set. Any a kind of high quality diesel generator set, its good features, can give full play to, service life and reliability can achieve ideal level, to a certain extent, depends on the installation and debugging method correctly or not. Correct talk. an excellent installation, therefore, is to ensure that the unit reliability and play the basis of optimal benign. A, the overall layout before computer room design and installation, must first understand the unit of choose and buy of diesel engine, generator, control panel installation dimensions and installation requirement of the unit. If the spare parts can not meet the requirement of the unit installation, all conditions or have difficulty and doubt, should contact with the manufacturer, to discuss the solution to the specific. In terms of overall layout, according to the computer room construction conditions, considering the unit location and the foundation of the intake and exhaust passage. Around the location of the unit in the telecom room, in addition to the cooling water tank at one end, and the distance of room wall shall be not less than 1. 5 m, operation, maintenance and management and maintenance. The height of the room on the roof, from the top of the height of the unit, should not be less than 1. 5 m, usually requires high room not less than 4. 5 m, this is the ventilation and cooling unit maintenance must have a minimum spacing lifting machine parts. For large and medium-sized units should be considered when installation or maintenance in the future, suspension hoist, lifting the whole units or components, machine room beams structure strength, should be able to afford a biggest unit weight more than three times the pressure, conditional, can install the unit running above the shaft centerline, post room roof is put aside frame hanging a 16 ~ 20 beams, so that the lifting unit. Second, the basic foundation is used to support unit and its auxiliary parts, its bearing capacity should be for the total mass of 2 ~ 5 times, but also can absorb in the operation of unbalanced force. The size of the foundation is mainly to be decided according to the unit size, based the shape of the length L and width B should be based on unit size each increase of about 200 mm. Based on the bottom of the vibration isolation, consider and flow PaiWuGou and laying cable channel.
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