Diesel generator set for battery charging starts to pay attention to what?

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
Diesel generator set in the process of operation, the need to start battery recharged, what matters need attention when charging? 1, good to wear protective gear when working and fight acid splash hurt. 2, electrolyte container to use porcelain or glass bottles, banning the use of iron, copper, zinc and other metal containers, it is strictly prohibited to distilled water pour sulfuric acid, in case of an explosion caused by. 3, looking for the positive and negative of battery when charging, the line column and column clamping, prevent fire and explosion caused by mixed line short circuit and reverse charge accident. 4, charging, often should check the shell cover air permeability, prevent the pores, battery internal pressure rise, causes the damage of battery shell. 5, are not allowed to use the method of short circuit between charging check the battery voltage, sparks were emitted from prevent cause an accident. 6, charging to keep ventilated, sprinkle the electrolyte is not allowed, leakage on the ground, rinse clean battery electrolyte shall, from time to time on the shelf. 7, maintenance ac circuit, it must be cut off power supply, it is strictly prohibited to charged. At the time of diesel generator set to charge will do not charge into electrical problems, so how should solve? Appear this kind of problem is likely to be a fuse or rectifier diode damage caused. When the fuse burned patrol, charging mechanical and electrical source light is not illuminated; After damage of rectifier diode, the power of the charger indicator, but there is no direct current output. 1, the charger transformer burned. 2, charging on the diode was burn out. 3, charger charging current meter damage. 4, charger fuse was burned. Troubleshooting method is: disconnect the charger and battery cables, dc voltage with a multimeter block ( 50V) Test charger two output voltage between terminal, pay attention to the red pens and the positive, of the rechargeable machine black pens and the cathode, found no voltage output. Remove the charger shell, inspection on charging insurance core, found a 60 insurance core burn out. After replacement, charging machine back to normal, failure or be ruled out. In diesel generator set in addition to their own pay attention to safety in the process of charging, also note that the charging process of possible failure, malfunction in time, guarantee the normal operation of the diesel generator set
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