Diesel generator set for all the maintenance project should undertake the following actions

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
Diesel generator set for all maintenance projects should undertake the following & bull; Stop the engine operation, when the engine is running don't to repair or adjust the engine body engine driven equipment. • Hang on generator set warning sign, pressed the emergency switch of generator set. • Disconnect the start-up battery before for maintenance of electrical systems. • Do not repair anything you don't understand. • Use the right tools to replace or repair the damaged equipment. • Only allowed on the generator set control panel to start or stop the engine. Must not be short to start the motor terminal or battery, because the current can bypass engine neutral - start system, damage the electrical system. • When you start the engine, after repair the fuel system as soon as the engine speed, immediately shut down the engine fuel supply cut off the engine air intake, stop the engine
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