Diesel generator set cylinder sleeve hole repair

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
Cylinder block hole surface uneven, shouldered such as damage or cylinder top plane finished outdated, adjust the gasket for use, should be processed cylinder sleeve hole depth. The method is: machining hole of the shoulder, gaskets, to install in order to get the right cylinder liner outstanding amount. Cylinder type A prominent, such as the thickness of the cylinder valve LAN plus total adjusting shim thickness reduction zone of cylinder sleeve hole depth, as shown in figure 2 19. Cylinder liner is prominent general minimum of 0. 15 mm, the maximum is 0. 20mm。 Cylinder liner outstanding amount measurement method is as follows: (1) will be set into the cylinder block cylinder hole, using two cylinder liner plate and two cylinder head bolts, the pressure cylinder. Bolt tightening torque of 65 n & middot; M (2) gauge measuring cylinder liner is prominent. Put gage block to make the dial gauge pointer comes into contact with the cylinder liner flange, as shown in figure 2 20 a. Adjust the dial gauge pointer to zero. To make the measurement is accurate, filed a dial gauge meter, and then loosen, pointer should return to zero. (3) filed a dial indicator, mobile gauge block, make the header land on cylinder block, as shown in figure 2 20 b, read the dial gauge readings, is the outstanding amount of cylinder jacket. (4) should be in diameter cylinder four thirds check on the location of the outstanding amount. For each cylinder, four position is the difference between the measured value shall not be greater than zero. 03mm。 5. If the measured cylinder liner outstanding amount more than a specified value, should remove the cylinder liner. Check whether there is a burr or dirty things. Clean up after, again outstanding amount measurement parts size calculation. If the outstanding amount is greater than the specified value, should be processed cylinder sleeve hole depth. 6. If the outstanding amount is less than the specified value, should be dismantled cylinder liner, use add gasket or use double sink grommet to adjust the outstanding amount.
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