Diesel generator room installation requirements

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
Diesel group must be placed at err on the side of the rear can load operation, such as diesel generator set into the installation of exhaust system also want to see. Or no but will affect the normal unit power of the play, and it can lead to interferes with hidden danger. Today to share the air intake and exhaust system of diesel generating set installation requirements. For diesel generating set operating supply plenty of fresh air, diesel engine air intake should be decorated in the atmosphere circulation. Diesel generator set of diesel engine intake pipe should try to avoid using long tube, and engrave tide elbow number, or recycled big circular arc transition; Inlet pipe inside diameter should not less than 200 mm, the pipe inner surface should be no welding slag particles and huidong diesel generator shall be installed to prevent dust and debris into the air inlet pipe, at the same time required air filter to the diesel engine turbocharger adjacent pipe sealing is excellent, do not have any crack and leakage signs. Proposes to diesel generator set screen side inclined upper ventilation method, and added with metal shutters fence shade, to avoid foreign matter into the atmosphere and ensuring that the disorder for flow. To prevent backflow hot atmosphere, and can make the room atmosphere dc, huidong diesel generator inlet should be to prevent and other foreign matter into the rain. In order to ensure room through air volume, net of the smallest room air inlet is not lower than diesel generating sets radiator core useful area 1. Five times, such as air inlet area is too small, and therefore must be correct to rein in May. Outlet shall ensure minimum net area of not less than the radiator core effective area 1. The outlet center 25 times and can agree with unit among the radiator core, ratio of high to width of outlet can also with ratio of high to width of the radiator core is no different. To avoid heat reflux and machine vibration to pass, in between the radiator and exhaust outlets equipped with elastic damping horn type ventilation slots. Diesel engine turbocharger external exhaust pipe acceptance of steel pipe to create, and the unit must be recycled flexible connection, external intake pipe diameter should be greater than contraction section, external exhaust pipe should be strong and firm, there is no vibration, its weight shouldn't be on the diesel engine on shrinkage tube; Do not allow to use between the expansion joint to eliminate pipe for the error. Exhaust system should be just can eliminate elbow number and the total length contraction of the exhaust pipe, otherwise it will cause units of the exhaust pressure increase, and make the unit produces too much power loss, affecting the disorder of the unit operation and reduction generator normal service life. Diesel generating sets of exhaust pipe diameter is generally based on exhaust pipe length is 6 m and at most a bend, and the installation of a muffler, when the exhaust system installed in theory has surpassed all the designated length and the number of elbow, should be appropriate increase exhaust pipe diameter, increase the number of amplitude depends on the exhaust pipe length and bend.
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