Diesel generator respectively what kind?

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
What types below introduce diesel generator for everyone. Classification according to the work cycle: four stroke diesel generators and two-stroke diesel generators. According to whether the pressurization classification: turbo diesel generators and the turbo diesel generators. According to the crankshaft speed classification: high speed, medium speed and low speed diesel generator. According to the structural characteristics of classification: ( 1) Function oriented tubular piston, piston, cylinder wall side thrust. ( 2) Crosshead: can't afford to piston guiding role, cylinder liner without the effect of side thrust, guiding role assumed by the crosshead slide block, side thrust by guide. Cylinder bottom adding a horizontal clapboard, separates with the crankcase cylinder, in case the dirty oil cylinder, charcoal or gas leaking into the crankcase oil pollution. The crosshead type diesel generator a trunk piston type high reliability. According to the cylinder arrangement: ( 1) Array: number of cylinders (less than 12 cylinder 2) V: 90 & deg Angle cylinder; ,60度; ,45度; 。 According to the shift points: right hand machine: the flywheel side ( The power output end) Look to the free end, is the car according to the clockwise rotation of the diesel generator. Left-handed machine: the flywheel side ( The power output end) Look to the free end, is the car in a counterclockwise direction of rotation of the diesel generator. Can according to the reverse: there is irreversible and reversible diesel generators.
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