Diesel generator oil cooler congestion lead to low oil pressure how to eliminate

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
( 1) A EQ1141G type east windmill fault phenomena, loaded with B series diesel generators, due to low lubricating oil pressure after repairs were unsuccessful, with faults, as a consequence, connecting rod sintering crankshaft scrap. After changing the parts such as crankshaft, oil pump, the fault has not been ruled out. ( 2) Troubleshooting analysis after confirm the quality and quantity of lubricating oil is normal, to connect pressure gauge in the oil filter flowline, boot check found lubricating oil pressure is much lower than normal, and the variation of stress in idle and high speed is not big, according to the above phenomenon of measuring results and analysis, can be ruled out first between oil pump and oil filter oil way of failure. Pressure on the oil cooler experiment found that the oil passage clogging, and found that the lubricating oil in the oil cooler cover plate way have glue phenomenon. The oil cooler jam is in this case the main reason for the failure. By the understanding that the user more than 10 kilometers, the vehicle is found reduced power, gave a diesel generator used lubricating oil additive. Early use, the power has improved, but after a few months, lubricating oil pressure began to gradually decreases, and eventually led to the tile burning failure of holding shaft. Obviously, this is because the lubricating oil additive adhesive at high temperature, the parts and oil to adhere to the road, eventually leading to a partial blockage of oil cooler and oil, lubricating oil pressure drop. ( 3) Troubleshooting methods of acetic acid solution soak, clean surface cooler heat conduction core scale, and then use gasoline injection cooler heat conduction inside the core, after repeated immersion cleaning oil cooler and the oil duct troubleshooting.
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