Diesel generator of storage battery

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
Diesel generator on the storage battery pile head of cable should be well connected. Clear in time the electrode oxide on the pile head. Sometimes the battery cover, paste around a pile will produce yellow, white, this is because the battery cover, splashed with sulfuric acid solution, make a pile, clamp and the results of the fixed frame from corrosion. White paste mainly lead sulfate, yellow paste mainly ferric sulfate. If the two paste resistance being very high in the conductor contact, can cause poor conductive. Available at soaked in 10% soda solution of rag wipe and the shell on the spatter of electrolyte battery, if you have poor conductive oxide, used a knife to scrape, finally after a column and wire clip fastening on its surface a layer of vaseline. Additional, still should pay attention to dredge charging cover vent. To remove the battery when should be split wire, after put battery should be installed by wire, in order to prevent the wrench one thousand iron make the battery short circuit. When the battery terminal should be paid attention to by the polarity of iron. Battery anode iron, and the cathode by iron, its advantages and disadvantages of basic same, but take iron polarity is determined, you can't change in use. Modern diesel engine with the silicon rectifying generator, battery cathode by iron. Such as take iron reverse polarity, the battery and the polarity of the silicon rectifying generator, when using single coupling controller, immediately burned silicon rectifier diode and cable; When adopting double regulator generator out of power. Not only that, electrical appliances, integrated circuit for transistor appliances will have great influence on service life. Battery should not be long time large current discharge, according to the operating instructions starting diesel engine. At the bottom of the battery installation environment vibration is larger, the battery should be good felt pad or thick rubber MATS, in order to avoid vibration to break the shell. Shall not be placed on the battery, metal tools, in particular, so as not to cause short circuit, and can't pay attention to the external lines and body iron. At work, often should pay attention to the current meter reading is normal. In the diesel engine work normally and not electricity, electrical equipment, such as found ammeter pointer to & other; Negative & throughout; Value, it is necessary to check the battery discharge reason immediately and be ruled out.
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