Diesel generator of PT fuel pump system fault how to solve

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
PT fuel pump system fault of AFC control devices are more prone to failure without proper calibration or their own fault, failure of governor or oil cut-off valve. It is difficult for PT pump maintenance, general requirements correctly identify the fault source, then on the PT fuel pump test bench test or machine debugging. 1) AFC control device. To reduce exhaust pollution of diesel generator, a lot of engineering machinery and PT pump of automotive diesel engines are equipped with air fuel control unit ( AFC) 。 If air fuel control device failure in use, can lead to poor diesel engine running performance. (1) and (starting Or) Speed is slow. If diesel engine showed the phenomenon of starting difficulty or not starting, the possible reason is that an AFC airless adjustment of the needle valve closing or opening. At this point, the exerted AFC devices of 0. 17 MPa pressure after the starting of diesel engine, diesel engine oil flow at the time of starting of bypass without air adjustment of the needle valve. If the diesel engine to start, we should readjust without air adjustment of the needle valve; If the diesel engine can't start that failure may in AFC devices, may also be caused by other reasons ( Note: high pressure can't exert, otherwise you will damage the diaphragm) 。 If the diesel engine show that the speed slow phenomenon, possible reason is aerate screw ( Connected to the intake manifold screw) Blockage or loosening and sleeve of AFC devices. The vent screw can be removed, check whether the blow. If not, should be clear first screw or replacement ventilation; Who can blow through, could be the sleeve is loose, need to change the necessary parts to properly installed. (2) power and ( Or) Cannot be accelerated. If the diesel engine show that the power shortage phenomenon, possible reason was that the AFC devices of plunger in the starting position or diaphragm rupture. At this point, the available to fuel control unit air ventilation with 0. 17 mpa pressure gas, the method to check if the plunger on a starting position, the air pressure to the device if no impact diaphragm rupture, leakage is aerate screw.
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