Diesel generator of PT ( D) Type of injector assembly points

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
By dividing the instead of the program, by dividing the special tools for assembly clamping pressure. When assembling, must pay attention to the following: 1) On the part surface must be clean, smooth and flat; There are any defects, must nap, qualified before assembly. Make the fuel flow rate is not correct, otherwise, will affect the dynamic performance of engine. 2) Only 5/16 repair type fuel injector, the sleeve and just need to put a gasket between the injector body. 3) Installed, check whether the nozzle and plunger is on; Remove the piston and coated with a clean diesel oil or trial; Then the injector upright ( Nozzle down) , hold plunger and plunger drop a few drops of test oil within the nozzle; Insert the plunger sleeve about 13 mm, inside the plunger should be free to slide into; In the palm of your hand pin coupling makes the plunger takes a seat inside the nozzle, and 90 & deg; The compression of the plunger must touch the nozzle seat surface; The injector nozzle quick flip up, plunger should be able to skate out; If can't slip out, remove the plunger, loosen the plunger, loosen the cap nut, adjust the fuel injector ( Turn the 1/4 turn) , after weighing 5 tight, press up, until meet the requirements. 4) Check the nozzle orifice: check whether the nozzle flow of simple method is to remove the plunger and spring, the injectors inject clean fuel. Without a spring directly insert the plunger inside the fuel injector; Quickly forced the diesel flow from the nozzle, in order to check whether the nozzle is good. 5) PT ( D) Fuel injector test 1) On the PTS301 injector test bench of fuel injection suitable for the experiment of the spill. Main check between plunger and barrel and plunger and whether leak between the nozzle. 2) Check on the equipment PTS301 spray nozzle. 3) Injection was measured on the fuel injector test bench.
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