Diesel generator nozzle card dead

by:Jet Power     2020-12-02
A, the reason of diesel generating sets nozzle jammed: ( 1) Diesel is not clean, high pressure tubing contains impurities, spray QuQi needle valve I wear, to close the needle valve couple is lax, the combustion chamber high pressure gas channeling, burn out needle valve couple. In addition, the injector pressure regulating spring and tappet the dirt on the parts through the injector follower moved to the injector needle valve, or oil is used to prevent leakage of cotton rope, galvanized iron wire through high pressure oil pipe into the injector, can make the needle valve accidentally stuck. Cylinder head nozzle on the copper set of leakage. work process, if the cylinder head nozzle on the copper set of leaks, cooling fluid into the cylinder, finally by the exhaust pipe atmosphere, lead to excessive cooling fluid consumption. If the leakage is serious, can cause the cooling fluid mixed with oil. ( 2) Spray machine high temperature QuQi cooling bad, made the tiger to valve accidentally stuck. And delivery time is too late, too much or blocked cooling waterway scale, the water pump impeller wear face, such as motor overload for a long time and can make the engine is overheating. ( 3) The suction valve wear and stop the injection fuel injector, there was a drip phenomenon, as to make the spraying mouth burning coke formation, stuck fault. 1) diesel engine burning oil, smoke while working in blue, power decline is not obvious. Open the compressor air outlet or inlet straight tube (generator-set.html' target='_blank'>diesel generators Rubber hose) , you can see some lubricant adhesion on pipe and tube wall. Work (2) diesel generators when burning oil, smoke, power down, within the inlet straight soft wall lubrication, oil burning caused serious diesel engine combustion chamber carbon deposit, damage to the nozzle. ( 4) Injection pressure is too low, cause the combustion chamber high pressure gas anti channeling; ( 5) Fuel injector installation, packing gasket or gasket destroyed, causing leakage, cause local temperature and fuel injector. ( 6) Parts manufacturing reasons, such as fuel injector installation hole on cylinder head and injector with tight, needle valve body with the mounting holes on the cylinder head clearance is too small, cylinder head injector mounting holes machining too deep. Even can start, because of the incomplete combustion of diesel engine, the exhaust pipe will always smoke, nozzle needle valve is also easy to carbon deposit. If the high injection pressure adjustment, easy cause tapping diesel engine at work, and make the power drop, also easy to make the fuel injection pump plunger matching parts and early wear injector, sometimes the high pressure pipe burst. Second, the repair method of nozzle jammed: ( 1) First put stuck nozzle in diesel or oil heating, then took out a cloth cover, pliers clamping needle valve and slowly again, remove the needle valve from the needle valve body. ( 2) A small amount of clean oil drops in the needle valve body, make the needle valve in the needle valve body activities repeatedly, until the needle valve can freely in the needle valve body activities. ( 3) Such as needle valve sealing surface with traces of burns, ought to use for grinding paste. To pay attention to grasp the dosage of grinding paste grinding and milling time. ( 4) Will clean the clock in valve couple mount injector, and can be reused after adjust injection pressure.
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