Diesel generator noise

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
Diesel generator set manufacturer to teach you how to deal with noise. Diesel generator set runs, usually will produce 95 - 110db( a) Noise, runtime to produce diesel generator set noise, will cause serious damage to the environment. So in the case of noise source cannot reduce, adopt what kind of diesel generator set noise control measures? 1 a and noise analysis. Electromagnetic noise is generated by the generator rotor high-speed rotation in the electromagnetic field noise of diesel engine unit. Chongqing production of NH, K, M11 three series diesel engine, when the maximum power output, the mean effective pressure in 1 first. Around 8 mpa, make diesel engine heat load, mechanical load, decrease as far as possible. Diesel engine calibration speed control in 2100 r/min, reduced the noise of diesel engine and friction power, guarantee the improvement of the working life of the diesel engine. 2. Combustion noise and mechanical noise is difficult to distinguish between, is usually caused by the combustion in cylinder diesel generating set of pressure fluctuation through the cylinder head, piston, even the porch, crankshaft, the body to the outside noise radiation of diesel generating set is called the combustion noise. Second, the control measures to 1. Sound insulation, sound insulation room place in diesel generator set installation, and the outer wall of sound insulation board for galvanized sheet. , intermediate filler is 32 kg/m3 superfine glass wool, the concave channel fill the glass wool. 2. Exhaust muffler, diesel generating sets rely on built-in fan exhaust, installed muffler in the exhaust in the department. Cylinder block in the process of working under a lot of mechanical load and thermal load. Cylinder block most of the wall thickness for the allowable minimum wall thickness casting technology, and between the cylinder sleeve hole cast with stiffener, to reinforce the structure strength of gas cylinder and noise control. 3. Into the wind noise elimination, in the ministry of sound insulation roof installation muffler natural ventilation. Muffler production with exhaust muffler. 4. Exhaust muffler, through the diesel generator set original factory matching two residential type muffler noise elimination. 5. Static speakers ( Low noise) , factory production of diesel generating set in low noise box, can reduce noise, and can prevent the rain.
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