Diesel generator new valve troubleshooting tips

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Diesel generators, the theory of brand, one of the best international well-known brand, don't need to say more. But diesel generator use also is to have the know-how, and master these tips, we can save time and save worry. Diesel generator new valve troubleshooting tips. 1. Valve plunger ring is a sound similar to the small ball land on the SLATE & lsquo; Clicking & rsquo; Ring sound, place in the side of the shaft, when the diesel generator idle, sound obvious, medium speed above noise reduced or disappeared, check, remove the valve cover, with wire hook the valve plunger adjustment screw, if the noise reduced or disappeared, then the valve plunger ring. 2. Silence is a kind of continuous rhythmic, clear & other; Details & throughout; The sound. When idle speed and medium speed, voice clear and clear. High speed, sound desultorily. Can be clearly heard in the side of the valve, the voice is not affected by & other; Fire & throughout; And the influence of the temperature of diesel generators. 2. When inspection, remove the valve cover, first in the generator run idle power of 400 kw diesel, listen to the noise of valve, observe the influence of the lubricating oil splash. After valve foot noise have been found, the check valve clearance with a feeler. If valve clearance is greater than the standard requirements, to adjust the clearance, after adjusting valve foot noise will disappear. If there is still a slight noise, valve clearance cannot be adjusted to lower than the specified value, otherwise normal diesel generator power will be affected. 3, the tapping of a valve spring break, usually of a soft valve springs or broken cause, the sound of it is a kind of & lsquo; Scrape & rsquo; Tapping, diagnosis, will remove the valve cover, on the strength of the auditory and visual inspection, if the multi-cylinder diesel generators, to find out which is the first cylinder valve work is not normal, and then use screwdriver don't live valve spring, if the noise disappear, shows that the cylinder spring soft or broken. 4. The chiming of the valve seat ring loose is caused by the following reasons: materials, heat deformation and loose after kuang, improper fit clearance and loose, valve seat ring loose will emit a & lsquo; Scrape & rsquo; Knocking sound, the sound and the valve spring break sound similar, but better than loose valve seat ring, check when the diesel generator should observe the valve chamber cover will be removed, such as valve clearance is not big and spring didn't break, can conclude that the valve seat loose kuang percussion.
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