Diesel generator manufacturer to explain the principle of synchronous generator

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
1. Ac excitation synchronous motor stator rotating magnetic field and the asynchronous motor is the same. When time phase symmetry of three-phase alternating current through the space of ac winding three-phase symmetrical distribution, air gap of a three-phase composite rotating magnetic field. ( Will usually go to leakage magnetic field harmonic magnetic field in the calculation, here only refers to the fundamental wave magnetic field) 2. The rotation of the dc excitation melting engine-grease around a field winding on the rotor, excitation windings on both ends of the dc power supply, through the dc excitation current in the field winding dc excitation magnetic field generated when the rotor rotates at synchronous speed, dc excitation with the rotating magnetic field. Steering usually with ac excitation magnetic field of a rotating magnetic field. The MMF waveform and the rotor structure, the salient pole structure, the magnetomotive force waveform for square wave. Synchronous generator for operation of the generator, the working principle of engine driven synchronous generator rotor synchronously rotate speed, forming a rotating magnetic field in air gap, the magnetic actuator, air gap magnetic flux density, and the air gap magnetic flux density of fundamental wave corresponding equivalent sine wave excitation magnetomotive force available space vector Ff said. Cutting the stator three phase winding rotating magnetic field, induction no-load emf Ec, synchronous generator load, three-phase ac winding of the stator ( Also known as the armature winding) Occurs, the armature current I accompany the armature magnetic field, the magnetomotive force as at this time, the space vector in the former. Operation of the motor, the stator three phase ac winding ( The armature winding) The three-phase power supply. As mentioned earlier, the stator rotating magnetic field to produce three phase synthesis sh, rely on the magnetic force drive dc excitation with a higher rotating speed of rotor. At this time, the space vector FL in the former, Ff in the back. Because no matter what kind of running state, and Ff is always with a higher rotating speed, so the F. O and relatively static, form gas synthetic magnetomotive force for FB. Thus, synchronous generator no-load = oil-gas gap magnetic field, the load after the air-gap magnetic field Fe = Ff + F. O the armature magnetomotive force of fundamental wave sh's influence on the fundamental of air-gap magnetomotive force called the armature reaction. , because of the rotor field winding is not cutting magnetic field does not produce inductive electromotive force in the winding excitation winding. Cutting lines of magnetic force exercise conductor in magnetic field, the conductor will be induced electromotive force. When the conductor connect into a closed loop, loop is energized. Synchronous generator which is made use of the principle of electromagnetic induction.
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