Diesel generator manufacturer of rotor tip of shaft current components of the damage

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
Today diesel generator manufacturer is based on many years of experience, give you a detailed explain some, diesel generator production operation process, damage of shaft current of the rotor parts. Rotation of the shaft must adopt certain lubrication way keep rotor and bearing no direct contact, namely the whole rotor rotating at high speed with static son between oil film insulation. Because the rotor to ground resistance, once charged, will be built up over the ground voltage, when the voltage to a value, will be in the area of resistance minimum breakdown, spark discharge. The main consequences of the discharge process is as follows: one, the molten metal particles in the discharge area, in the metal surface to form tiny electric corrosion pits; Pits of accumulation to make the surface coarse, lose luster, if on the bearing shell will produce purely mechanical wear and tear; Three, molten metal particles into the lubrication system, and makes the lubricant is polluted, the lubrication system of lubrication performance is bad, and contains a lot of metal particles of lubricant can reduce oil film resistor, accelerate the progress of the electric spark erosion; Four, in local high temperature bearing bearing area, the destruction of the oil film, burn out metal, increase the attrition, eventually cause serious damage of friction. In rotating machinery rotor system, the most prone to the part of the electric spark discharge is the bearing surface of the radial and thrust bearings, type coupling working tooth surface and floating ring sealing surface, change of these parts for running a variety of conditions, Such as load, temperature, lubrication condition and the rotor vibration, etc. ) , all have may reduce the oil film and crack resistance, cause spark discharge phenomenon in these areas. For radial sliding bearing, bearing the development of electric corrosion pits can make serious corrosion of babbitt, this will not only change the original clearance of bearing, and surface roughness decrease can also lead to scratch and scratch on the surface of the bearing, high temperature, and burns. High speed light load bearing surface abrasion can make part of babbitt bearing segment lose effect on rotor shaft neck of preload, the rotor rotates in easy to induce the oil film vortex, causing instability of the rotor system. And instability of oil film bearing, in turn, will cause a sharp drop in the oil film resistors, get more shaft current through the area, intensify edm, encourage each other, finally cause the damage of the bearing and rotor system. Over the years, we always adhere to the contract, keep promise, honest, combined with advanced technology and test method, refinement and good quality, won the affirmation and support of many users. Has now passed the ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. We mainly engaged in high and low voltage generator, generator set, diesel generators of high-tech industry, exports to China and global provide technical solution proposal to the high-end generators, generating set project and high performance products.
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