Diesel generator maintenance daily

by:Jet Power     2020-12-02
Of generator in use or storage generator after break-in, maintenance method is as follows: 1) 。 Replace or clean lubricating oil filter cartridge 2) 。 3) change engine oil 。 To tighten the screw and bolt at each part 4) 。 Clean or replace the air filter generator maintenance skills: 1) 。 Work generator diesel engine or spare no matter, want to cover the tank filler cap, lest dirt and dust into the tank. 2) 。 Working 500 h, cleaning tank and piping, clear the carbon deposit on the injector matching parts, injection pressure of calibration, inspection spray atomization quality; 3) 。 Generating set general every work of 100 h, clean diesel generating sets of diesel engine diesel filter once; 4) 。 Diesel injection again after purification by precipitation tank; 5) 。 Oil pipe connection and sealing surface should not have leakage; 6) 。 After disassembling or spare generator used for the first time for a long time, want to let out the air in the oil. Deflated method: open the fuel switch, loosen the vent screw on the fuel injection pump. If there is air in the oil, it have bubbles, stay bubbles at normal flow of oil, gas has been put, tighten vent screw again. In addition, the new generator should try to avoid the sudden increase load or high-speed operation, as far as possible use the manufacturers recommended lubricating oil, different type of oil do not mix, containing various additives in lubricating oil, mix the different type of oil will make lubrication performance degradation, leading to the moving parts of abnormal wear. To the fuel tank oil, oil filter, mouth on filter cloth is better; Fuel in the tank first stand for more than 24 hours, the water and impurities precipitation after use; At ordinary times should often open the drain plug head of daily-use oil tank at the bottom of the discharge of water and sediment.
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