Diesel generator judge principles and methods of the fault

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
The usual cause of diesel engine fault is caused by many factors, the different faults show different phenomenon, troubleshooting, you must first find out the fault reason, in practice by see, hear, touch, smell, feel, to discover abnormal performance of diesel engine, to discover problems, solve the problem, eliminate the malfunction. Determine the general principles of the diesel engine fault are: combining structure, contact principle, make clear phenomenon, combined with the actual, simple to the complex, situated in, press section, find the reason. In the long-term production practice, people groping summed up & other; A look, two listening, three, four smell & quot; A set of examination method, through instrumentation and the feeling of the human body tube, to observe and judge the operation of diesel engine. 1. Abnormal phenomena in the operation of diesel generators diesel engine after long-term operation, malfunctioned, often encounter the following several kinds of phenomena. ( 1) When running sound abnormal diesel engine operating at a normal beat, put guns, boasting sound, friction of the exhaust noise, periodic, etc. ( 2) Abnormal operation work is not easy to start, there was a violent vibration of diesel generators, the fixed load, speed is not stable, etc. ( 3) Appearance of abnormal diesel engine exhaust pipe white smoke, black smoke and blue smoke, each system in the oil, water, air, etc. ( 4) Abnormal oil temperature or temperature cooling water temperature is too high, bearing temperature, etc. ( 5) Abnormal operation of the diesel engine, smell stink, focal flavour, taste such as cigarette smoke. is running, found the abnormal phenomenon, must make a careful investigation, according to the reason Yin wei analysis to determine the region and the reasons of failure. Sometimes a fault may have several kinds of abnormal phenomenon, such as the high pressure oil pump after wear, as well as performance start the difficulty, also can show the output power is insufficient, can also speed performance is not stable, etc. There is a kind of abnormal conditions, as likely to be several kinds of failure. The abnormal phenomenon, so diesel engine runtime must find out the reasons of abnormal phenomenon seriously, this requires that we are good at analysis, reasoning, judgment, grasp the essence through the phenomena, and find out the cause of the failure parts, troubleshooting.
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