Diesel generator exhaust muffler and the flue

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
( 1) Exhaust system composed of muffler, expansion bellows, derrick, piping, pipe clamp, the connecting flange, such as thermal joint parts. ( 2) In the exhaust system connection shall be used for the connecting flange with thermal joint ruler. ( 3) After the muffler must be connected carbon steel or stainless steel expansion joint, corrugated pipe to flue gas of vertical upward to the icon. Exhaust pipe shall be in line with the national standard of black steel pipes, tubes, or were made with stainless steel, or conform to the state regulations and produced by professional manufacturers of stainless steel welded pipe. ( 4) The exhaust pipe of the elbow has must be equal to three times the diameter of the minimum bending radius, to satisfy the requirement of the diesel generator set back pressure. ( 5) From the vent to the exhaust pipe at the end of the whole system, in addition to the expansion of the stainless steel bellows, shall be coated with thermal paint. ( 6) The entire exhaust system should be in galvanized metal net, wrapped in accordance with the national standard of non-combustible insulation layer of the insulating material, metal mesh aperture and insulation layer thickness is also need to meet the requirements of national standards, appearance after exhaust pipe and insulation layer temperature should be no greater than 70 ℃. ( 7) All the surface of the exhaust pipe and muffler must be wrapped in the thickness of not less than 0. 8 mm aluminum metal or stainless steel cladding ( 8) The whole system shall be at spring derrick suspension. The design of the suspension boom subject to ratification. ( 9) Smoked in waste gas exhaust outlet premises shall not be higher than the highest allowable degrees salinger, blackness once, carbon concentration shall not be higher than 80 mg/m3, and shall comply with the provisions of the local environmental protection department. ( 10) Diesel generator emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon gas should be meet the GB 20426 - such as pollution 2006 requirements to achieve the above Ⅱ emission standards.
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