Diesel generator engine oil temperature high oil temperature of abnormal cause analysis

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
Diesel generator normal oil temperature should be 90 ~ 110 ℃, the oil temperature is too high to make the oil viscosity, oil pressure, unable to form a good oil film; The oil temperature is too low, make the oil viscosity increases, poor liquidity, friction resistance increases, the power loss and the size of the engine. The cause of the oil temperature is too high (1) the oil quantity is not enough; (2) the poor cooling effect, the insufficient cooling water or air volume of fan or cooler pipe inner surface scale increase, water resistance, and because of the scale is a poor conductor of heat, make the oil heat is not easy to cooling water; (3) low pressure relief valve, the oil spill too much from the overflow valve, by the amount of oil cooler; (4) the lubrication parts fit clearance is undeserved, can not form reasonable oil film, the heat generated by the friction increase; (5) diesel generator overload operation for a long time.
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