Diesel generator engine oil replacement specification based on what circumstances

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Diesel generator engine oil replacement specification is based on the work cycle and the oil pollution. The oil pollution is a direct result of the engine to work normally. Load factor, the fuel oil and the environmental conditions will influence the speed of the oil pollution. Laboratory and field tests to confirm amount of fuel consumption in the engine and motor oil can be absorbed and can still work according to the design requirements of the limit between the pollution degree was positively than before. Before more than oil fouling and pure quantity limit, engine oil can absorb pollutants and can still work according to the design requirements. The relationship between the fuel consumption and engine oil pollution formed the basis to determine oil oil change interval. Extended oil and filter replacement interval will be due to factors such as corrosion, carbon deposition, wear reduce engine life. 1, the physical and chemical test this technology needs to be used in the oil analysis data and comparing the data obtained from the new state of the oil. Used the relatively new degraded state monitoring system of oil on the indicator. Can serve as a warning signal of engine oil main feature is the pollution levels ( Fuel, soot, silicon and boron, sodium and potassium) And the oil viscosity and flash point. The general pollution inspection criteria listed in the table. 2, typical load rate method is suitable for the M11 vehicle engines. According to the fuel consumption, vehicle gross weight, idle time and fuel type to determine the oil change period. 3, charts, NT, K19, K38 engine can be according to the maintenance manual & other The oil change interval graph & throughout; To determine the longest engine oil change period.
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