Diesel generator cooling system composition and size of the circle

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Diesel generator engine cooling system adopts closed forced circulating water cooling system, use has a strong ability of water supply pump and strong water radiator cooling ability, guarantee the diesel generator used in various harsh conditions, can always working temperature is in good condition. It is mainly composed of the following devices: (1) cooling fluid container and the radiator, the radiator ( Water tank) , fan. (2) the cooling intensity of adjusting device, namely the thermostat. (3) coolant loop drive, that is, the water pump. (4) the cooling liquid and additive release device, namely clean water filter. (5) coolant heat and flow channel, namely the cylinder block water jacket, cylinder head water jacket, oil cooler, water pipes, etc. 6 temperature detection display device, the water temperature sensor and water temperature table. When conditions and environmental conditions change, the cooling system should be able to guarantee a diesel generator and reliable to work and maintain the best cooling water temperature, normal work generally between 80 ~ 90 ℃, the water temperature of the cooling system was mainly used the size of the cooling fluid circulation. Diesel generators in the cylinder head and cylinder block casting have water jacket. Coolant after the pump pressure, the water pipe into the cylinder block water jacket, coolant flow while absorbing heat and temperature of cylinder wall, and then flow into the cylinder cover water jacket, after the absorption of heat warming through the thermostat, thermostat is to ensure that diesel generators at the most appropriate temperature of key components, can be adjusted according to the size of the diesel generator load and temperature of cooling liquid cooling intensity ( Routes and traffic) When in the diesel generators water temperature above a certain temperature, thermostat open, all flow into the circulation tube radiator coolant fluid, at the same time, due to the rotation of the fan suction, blowing air out of the radiator core, makes the coolant flowing through the radiator core heat constantly into the atmosphere. At this time, cooling intensity, water temperature is not too high. Due to the long and the cooling water flow route known as the systemic circulation, oil pump circulation water for the tank with the horse a radiator, radiator monohydrate set a thermostat at low temperature, thermostat two section close to the radiator of waterway, the cooling water can only through the bypass circulation pipe flow directly back to the pump inlet, then is pump into the cooling water pipe, the cycle waterway called the minor cycle. Water route is thermostat call by-pass pipe pump oil radiator monohydrate jacket causes thermostat, the cooling liquid directly from the pump back into the cylinder body, and not through the radiator, to avoid the unnecessary cooling, machine temperature rising rapidly; When diesel generator cooling fluid in between these two kinds of temperature, thermostat, the opening of the size of the cooling water circulation exist at the same time, the circulation of the coolant is called hybrid cycle. Cooling fluid will flow to the heart device to cool pressurized air, water flows through the filter to filter cooling fluid and additives will be diluted to the cooling fluid. In order to make the multi-cylinder machine before and after each cylinder cooling uniformity, general diesel generator set in the cylinder block water jacket have water pipe or cast out of the water distribution room. Along the longitudinal water pipe is a metal, has a number of drainage holes, the more away from the water pump in the distance, the greater the plughole, so you can make similar before and after each cylinder cooling intensity, the engine cooling uniformity.
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