Diesel generator air intake system can be improved from three aspects which

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
( 1) To improve the air intake system. Diesel generator technology development trend is to improve the injection pressure, reduce the intake vortex strength, to reduce the air intake ( Pressure) Number of losses, cooperate with porous, small aperture injector to obtain good mixture. Air intake system can be improved from three aspects: 1) The resonant intake system. The general inertial gas system can only be within the scope of the operation condition of the diesel generator, a narrower, and variable resonant intake system available in full load and partial load within the whole speed range of the volume adjustment. 2) Using variable swirl intake system. Due to large intake vortex intensity influence NOx, adopt the way of variable swirl intake system according to change of rotating speed and load to control the intensity of vortex flow, but without sacrificing efficiency reduce NOx generation. 3) Using multiple valve technology. Using multiple valve ( 4 valves per cylinder) Can enlarge the inlet and exhaust valves of total circulation area, filling volume coefficient increases, and fuel injector can vertical layout on the cylinder axis, is advantageous to the fuel in the combustion chamber is uniformly distributed in the space, has improved its mixture formation and combustion condition, the exothermic regularity is more reasonable, NOx, CO decreased, and the smoke also significantly decreased in the heavy load. ( 2) The turbocharged and inter-cooled technology. Because pressurization can improve the diesel generator performance, and can reduce emissions, so the diesel generator will be used more generally exhaust turbocharging technology. Diesel generator used after pressurization, due to improve the density of the air into the cylinder, thus can reduce the generation of CO and HC. When the device without knowing, because the inlet temperature is higher, may increase the emissions of NO *. After the cold machine, can make the inlet temperature is reduced, so the NOx emissions will fall. ( 3) Reduce oil consumption. Research shows that oil consumption of diesel generator particulate emissions limit size has a significant effect. So should strictly control the consumption of lubricating oil, its goal is to under the working condition of high load, high speed, oil consumption is less than 0. 19 g /千瓦• h; In hot calibration speed conditions, if 100% of particulate emissions from lubricating oil, lubricating oil consumption is less than 0. 5 g / h乘以; Displacement ( L) 。 The control target of particles produced by the lubricating oil is greater than zero. 0408克/千瓦• h。 Reduce oil particulate emissions countermeasures are: 1) To reduce the cylinder wall lubricating oil consumption. 2) Cut into the combustion chamber and the supercharger lube oil consumption. 3) The development of low oil consumption. ( 4) The electricity accuse oil injection technology. In order to meet the requirements of diesel generator increasingly stringent emission regulations, diesel generators diesel generator control has become a essential technology. Diesel generators to the electronic control fuel injection technology can optimize control and fuel injection quantity, fuel injection law control part premixed combustion and diffusive combustion of fuel quantity. In front of the main injection pre injection can effectively reduce NOx and noise, which spray inhibited the premixed combustion, delayed the diffusion combustion, thus reduces the average gas temperature, cut NOx formation.
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