Diesel generator acceptance content

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
【 Abstract 】 Diesel generator set the standby power of the enterprise, as the factory is the production of class enterprise an important force in response to natural disasters like typhoon and earthquake. In order to ensure the normal use of diesel generator set, before putting into operation for debugging and acceptance is very necessary. Only through strict technology acceptance, when its security, power, power quality, noise and so on various performance indicators after reaching the standard, diesel generating sets shall be put into normal use. A, the generator test project 1, the generator winding insulation resistance to ground test ( Contains absorption ratio and polarization index ratio test) ; 2, stator winding dc resistance test; 3, the generator ac withstand voltage test; Second, repair and test of power cable project 1, the cable, and reinforce the thrum of purging and contact; 2, the cable carrying case inspection, replacement of damaged or turtle column; 3, measuring insulation resistance of cables; 4, dc withstand voltage test for cables; Three, high maintenance and test item 1, cleaning and screw fastening for high voltage; 2, transformer winding insulation resistance testing; 3, the polarity of the transformer, variable ratio and characteristic test; 4, transformer windings of ac withstand voltage test; 5, high voltage circuit breaker insulation resistance testing; 6, the test circuit breaker mechanical properties; 7, high voltage ac withstand voltage test; 8, over voltage protection action test, 9, the generator field loss protection action test,
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