Diesel generating sets of water pump for maintenance

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
Diesel generator set pump repair method is as follows: 1) Look for wear and damage to the shaft, bearing hole. Turn the pump shaft to end clearance of 0. 05 ~ 0. 10mm。 2) KTTA type diesel generator to the splines on the shaft and the spline set for wear and damage. 3) Check the impeller crack, corrosion and damage. If there is any damage should be replaced. 4) Measurement of hole and shaft diameter of the impeller. Impeller in the press fit interference quantity of hole and shaft diameter at least 0. 03mm。 5) Check the pump shell with and without damage. Measuring the pump shell bearing hole, such as N series diesel generator pump shell bearing hole is more than 62. 215 mm, the pump shell should be scrapped. KTTA type diesel generator pump shell hole diameter. Pump shell of the top bearing hole deep, single row bearing pump body is 25. 40 mm, double row bearing pump body is 36. 80, 6) For 6 bt type diesel generator pump to check all the technical conditions of the belt wheel. The method is: (1) check belt wheel wear ring for wear and damage, if any damage should be replaced a new trap. (2) check the belt pulley groove and the presence of wear and damage, if any damage should be replaced. The new belt after embedding slot should highlight the pulley diameter 1. 59 ~ 3. 18mm。 (3) measuring hole in the belt wheel and the tension wheel and shaft diameter. Belt wheel and the tension between hole and shaft for the press fit, interference quantity to zero. 03mm。
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