Diesel generating sets of production safety is always the first

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
Diesel generator safety in production is without love and cherish life. Ann is a majestic it is for other people's respect for their respect. Ann is a kind of culture is the progress of The Times, the growth of the society and people's overall quality enhancement. Ann is full of happiness. A safety there is joy and warmth of power generation equipment has been generating equipment safety can from a beautiful life. Security department in responsibility, obligation is heavier than mount tai. Lost their obligation, and crying, is that is family, is an enterprise's mire, is helpless heavy society. Compulsory one more point, the hidden danger is very less. Let's a, shouldering the obligations, health protection, life! About power equipment safety in production, we always think that power equipment safety and production is the same, but now know more serious or heihe diesel generator safety. See, power generation equipment safety should be produced and then is the production safety. Produce associated to benefit so there is no energy by generating equipment safety and missed the production, no, no and reason produced and missed the safety production and production safety, about our generator companies are all important. History of safe and production obstacle for enterprise is the loss of the line without compensation, and reasons for producing security concerns about our vendors, we work, we all the people yes. “ Power generation equipment safety obligation is heavier than mount tai & throughout; Yes, the responsibility relationship not only with our enterprises, more is closely related to our itself, we don't have power equipment security companies want to know, let alone grow, there is no safe is not our ego's mouth, no power equipment safe, our happiness and our future and come from? For the sake of our company, for the sake of our family, for us, please put your safety mind firmly established. I trust as long as everyone is wuxi not your appetite as solid build broken safety consciousness will be bound to take our power generation equipment for safety. Responsibility over the mountain, the occurrence of many security confound, lies not in the lack of rail system, but is the obligation consciousness of thin, is for safe operation of the does not reach the designated position, the obligation to carry out the operation as the theme, is the right key. Security obligations on the implementation of power generation equipment, efforts should be given to improvement of power generation equipment safety responsibility system, ensure safety obligation to report to duty, and implement to every one, at the same time, happy staff safety awareness and means, strengthen for the management of outsourcing, strengthened structure performance appraisal promote responsibility implement, ideological work deepening heihe diesel generator power equipment safety. In short, all accidents may prevent, as long as we have at generating equipment safety consciousness, consciously abide by the rules and rail system, strengthen duty implementation, for my power equipment safety obligation is rare in the heart, timely charge, then there must be power equipment safety.
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