Diesel generating sets lubrication system of the main assembly

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
One is the role of, oil pump, oil pump oil pressure, forced to engine friction surface. 6 bt type of diesel engine oil pump for single-stage gear oil pump, as shown in figure 6 - 5, figure 6 - 6. Oil pump output pressure oil will have around 5% through a fine filter after return oil low shell. Oil pump is installed on the front of diesel generators on the right side, down to the bottom of the air compressor. In order to ensure that the oil pump and lubrication system components work installation and reliable, and oil pump out the oil pressure must be limited within a certain range, so on the oil pump equipped with a pressure regulating valve ( In the full flow cooling type lubrication system replaced by bypass valve regulating valve) 。 at idle speed, the normal oil supply pressure oil pump can not less than 103 kpa. The rated speed, the normal work of the oil pump pressure should be in 345 ~ 483 kpa. KTTA type diesel engines use different oil pump. So oil pump is installed in the block at the bottom of the back end, back end gear drive installed on the crankshaft. 1. KTTA diesel generators machine oil pump power range of KTTA so use the same machine type diesel engine oil pump, as shown in figure 6 - 7. Oil pump has two oil pump gear, there is a high pressure at the exit oil unloading valve, this valve is used to limit oil pressure, especially when the car is starting cold, high lubrication oil pressure can damage other components of the system. There are four bushing oil pump assembly. Two of them in the pump cover, and the other two in the pump body. In general do not remove the liner, if must replace the oil unloading bushing in the body or unloading cover, you must change the pump body and pump cover at the same time. 2. KTTA type low speed two gear oil pump (1) Can be identification from the main drive gear, main drive gear includes two rows of gear, including the diameter of the gear and the crankshaft gear mesh. A large diameter gear gear meshed with the input shaft of the pump. 2) Two oil pump gear oil pump of the helical gear. The oil pump rated speed is less than or equal to 1900 r/min. 3. KTTA type high speed three gear oil pump gear oil pump shell assembly including the front cover and liner assembly, intermediates assembly and rear cover and car assembly of three parts, as shown in figure 6 - 8. Oil pump oil feet, so that is connected to a cylinder body. This kind of machine oil pump used in diesel engine is higher than the rated speed 1900 r/min.
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