Diesel generating sets how to achieve unattended

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
In 2020, about the news on artificial automatic maxed out circle of friends, also deeply attracted many aficionados of science and technology and the general public the eyes of the masses, technology of comprehensive automation is also point towards the future. May someone will ask since cars are unmanned, so let's decoration of diesel group still need specially sent watches? Concluded that don't have to! Just recently a lot of clients reply message for diesel generating sets, application must be no probation, a complete set of facilities fully active. The detailed explanation with you have a chance to. 1, take the initiative to start and automatic switching power supply: when the mains suspended, mains switch electric break time to cut off the mains power supply electric, at the same time, the review mains electricity run through the starting motor self-starting controller, luoyang diesel generator and starting diesel generating set. Landgent after starting, the control module, under the control of diesel engine management at the rated speed. Meanwhile, under the function of automatic current regulator, input additional power generators. Then, switch power electricity, diesel generator to load at the end of the power supply. 2, return after automatic stop: electric mains, after return under the mains detection of electricity, to cut off the power supply electric diesel engine first, and then, mains switch electrical input task, load by the mains power supply. At the same time, since the starting controller make the outage electromagnet steps, control of diesel engine throttle, diesel generators running at low speed first, then the automatic stop. 3, diesel generator via encountered in an emergency, such as lube oil pressure is lower than the value of the unit, the RPM exceeds the extra speed, module inspection to will automatically stop alarm, stop diesel generator. This is a complete set of automatic diesel generating sets of 3 factors must exist. Real full automatic diesel generating sets on the whole equipment is not confused. We must be mentioned here - a chosen device ATS double power active switch cabinet. Tell you what's ATS cabinet luoyang diesel generator? Take the consumption of ATS cabinet, our ATS double power switching cabinet integrates digitalization, automation, can be used for automation and single diesel generator set, generator active starting/stopping, parameter measurement, alarm, take care of, three remote, etc. Can realize the unattended initiative, as long as you make timely repair and rehabilitation, oil generating unit and the starter battery charging on schedule at the same time, in the key moment, a complete set of facilities can run by itself and downtime, no other staff. Save a lot of use of time and manpower.
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