Diesel generating set output voltage instability is a solution

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
Diesel generating set output voltage is not stable solution diesel generating set output voltage instability may cause: 1, the voltmeter failure; 2, the engine speed is not stable; 3, electrical, loose connection parts; 4, control panel voltage adjustment resistor failure; 5, voltage regulator or not adjust the voltage regulator; 6, control panel voltage - Current selection switch failure; 7, diesel generating set vibration operation. Its amplitude proportional to the speed, the clearance between the addendum and core end face and is directly proportional to the size, speed, the higher the output voltage, the highest peak to 6 v. Electronic speed control system is based on the signal to adjust the rotation speed of diesel generators. Diesel generating set output voltage is not stable solution: 1, change the voltmeter; 2, check the voltage regulator; 3, change the voltage regulator resistor; 4, diesel generating sets to replace the switch; 5, check the diesel generating set equipment shock; 6, adjust or replace the engine fuel system parts make the speed stable; 7, check each connection part of the diesel generator set, and repair. Ideal waveform generator output voltage shall be the sine wave, but its actual waveform is not really a sine wave, it contains both fundamental wave, and contains three times and more than three times higher harmonic, harmonic excitation generator set three times are particularly serious. Can also through the automatic voltage regulator, regulator adjusting voltage of diesel generator set. Automatic voltage regulator regulator ( AVR) Is one of the important parts of diesel generating set, its role is to put the diesel generating set output voltage control, within the prescribed scope of the diesel generator set speed change, automatic control diesel generator voltage constant, so that they don't because of diesel generating sets high speed high voltage electrical appliances, burn out or not caused by insufficient diesel generating set speed low voltage electrical appliances work properly.
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