Diesel engine piston has good abrasion resistance of eutectic silicon aluminum alloy

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
Adopt direct injection diesel engine combustion chamber, on top of the piston has a w-shaped pits, four valve outside the get out of the way, in the top four gaps, they and the location of the inlet and exhaust valves, prevent piston top and valve collide. NTA855 diesel engine piston ring groove cutting has three gas ring groove and an oil ring groove. , K38, K50 diesel engine piston ring groove cutting has two gas ring groove and a ring groove, used to install the piston. It is leakproof part of piston, called the shore between the two ring groove. The first ring groove with nickel alloy cast iron the retainer ring groove, in order to improve the ability of ring groove under high temperature and high pressure gas, reduce the wear ring groove upper and lower sides, strengthen and protect the ring groove, prolong the service life of the piston. The first ring groove in the upper to the piston top area work out a lot of small circular groove ( As shown in figure 2-3 39 the enlarged view) , this is as far as possible in order to reduce the clearance between the piston head and the cylinder wall, facilitate both direct contact, strengthen the piston cooling, improve the working conditions of the piston ring grooves and, at the same time also can lower the temperature of the group of units, thus reducing the cylinder assembly clearance. In addition, these have certain concession (ring groove Rolled back - - When squeezed, ring groove is to deformation of the ability of corrosion to the bottom of the channel to give) , and after the tank contains carbon deposit can absorb lubricating oil, to avoid overheating or piston cylinder wall temporary shortage of oil or clearance after falling into larger particles in the carbon deposition caused by the hair, the cylinder and other major accidents. Skirt processing has a ring of fine lines on the surface, can be in the ditch of lubricating oil, increase the wear resistance; On the other hand high grinding can be easily during running-in, is conducive to accelerate running-in, improves the ability of resistance to hair. Cant generator-set.html' target='_blank'>diesel generators piston pin as a pin, can make the existing straight with pin do dangerous place, such as transition rounded corners on the top of the piston pin guide, cooling oil of the place such as the edge stress are reduced; Increase the pin machine connecting rod length, small head supporting surface cant pin bridge than straight with pin of the piston can be subject to more than 15% ~ 20% of the load. There are two types of diesel engine piston: one is high quality piston type, the other is a standard pistons. On the high quality piston, two gas ring groove are made from nickel ring insert ring groove and the piston at the top of the anode oxidation treatment to get better results of heat resistant ability. On the standard piston, only is made head ring groove and nickel ring insert ring groove and the top is not for anodic oxidation treatment.
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