Diesel engine normal electric start the program

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
If the fuel system is equipped with overspeed stop, should press before start the engine & other; Reset & throughout; Button. ( 1) If the diesel engine is equipped with pneumatic lubrication device in advance, should be open to the lubrication device working piston air valve in advance in advance to lubricate all moving parts diesel generators lubricating oil lubrication device. If provided with a safety switch of diesel engine oil pressure, fuel bypass switch should be kept in & other; Start & throughout; Position until oil pressure reached ( 48 ~ 69) kPa( 7 ~ 101 b / in2) And then, then transfer them to & other; Operation & throughout; Position. ( 2) The throttle position in idle speed adjustment and make the diesel engine and driven off. Should notice here is, in the process of start in order to protect the supercharger, before there was any idle oil pressure on the engine oil pressure gauge don't drive down or speed up to more than 1000 r/min. ( 3) If equipped with manual fuel shut off valve should be opened. Electric stop when the switch is working. Manual control knob installed in the front of the electric shut off valve, it can make open when circuit malfunction. When using the control knob, turn it clockwise to the end, to be repaired circuit and then transfer it to working position. ( 4) If equipped with a pressure rod of diesel engine, the startup should pull up pressure bar, and press the start button or turn the key switch to & other; Start & throughout; Position. Start the machine electricity rotation, rotation, 3 ~ 4) S, put down the pressure lever and continue until turn the diesel engine is on fire. Is that should be paid attention to start to prevent damage to start the machine, continuous start diesel time shall not exceed 30 s, if within the first 30 s of the diesel engine can't fire, must wait for ( 1 ~ 2) Min after the restart. ( 5) If the diesel engine is first start or replacing the oil or filter after the start, should be in diesel engine start running down in a few minutes, and after 15 min qiao standby oil flow back to the oil pan, check diesel oil plane again. Should be added if necessary, make the machine surface plane to oil feet high, H) Tag. Oil plane down is because of the filter to absorb part of the oil. Low oil plane below ( L) Mark or higher than high ( H) Mark, can not start the engine.
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