Diesel engine is up and running

by:Jet Power     2020-11-28
Diesel engine up and running: ( 1) Parking more than 24 hours, you must open the test valve, and start the lubricating oil pump, stopped for a long time, Generally for seven days) The generator and exciter should measure the insulation of the motor and operating circuit resistance meets the requirements. Manual turning turn 1 ~ 2 laps, free to start the motor diesel engine idling several, to drain the oil and water in cylinder, and then try closing valve, clutch before party together; ( 2) Start the pump, let out the air in the piping, the oil pressure shall be within the prescribed scope, before being formally launched; ( 3) Look after starting the power supply voltage is normal, press & other Start & throughout; Button to loosen after waiting for diesel engine is on fire. E. above lube oil pressure rises to stop start lubricating oil pump. And close the scavenge pump drain valve, wear good clutch pin before; ( 4) Cannot start, should seriously take reason, for unknown reasons, should not start again. Start should not more than three consecutive times, time interval should not be less than 2 minutes, the third time still cannot start, should be careful analysis inspection, confirmed after troubleshooting, allowing for the fourth time starting; ( 5) Generator starts that generator and all electrical equipment have been charged, it is strictly prohibited to human exposure charged part, if need be charged homework, shall comply with the dangerous operations for examination and approval system and the electrical safety operation procedures; ( 6) Should be paid attention to when adjusting speed diesel engine, generator is normal, slip ring and the carbon brush and commutator shall be no beating, no sparks, no abnormal sound, as well as with electrical personnel. Adjust the frequency and voltage, and make it close to the rating; ( 7) When receiving & other; Ready to coordinate & throughout; Generator must, following the signal is normal and steady. And achieve equal frequency, voltage, phase, phase sequence can conduct joint work. Coordinate, the synchronous table shall prevail, further adjusting speed, adjust the excitation. The voltage and frequency to move closer to system voltage and frequency. When automatic excitation damage instead of manual, the load should not be too big, and monitor the working parameters at any time. Parallel synchronous operation steps are as follows: 1) Close the generator outlet knife switch; 2) If three phase four wire system power generators, should close the breaker neutral grounding; 3) Synchronous counter on the switch, test phase sequence, further adjustment; 4) Carefully check the sync signal indicator, if the basic synchronization, quickly closed the main switch immediately, sending to the system. Tied for using automatic quasi-synchronizing device, should see instructions. Using manual quasi-synchronizing parallel operation, if found synchronous beat table ( Or motionless) No rules (, synchronous indicating lamp flashing Unchanged or brightness) Prohibit to closing parallel; ( 8) In normal operation, it is forbidden to use fault parking switch or button, it is strictly prohibited to wipe the unit, such as found that the speed of diesel engine when insurance device release, electrical personnel shall be notified to load and unload after parking, insurance will be speeding recovery in situ, and then start; ( 9) Pay close attention to all kinds of instrument operation, protection, insulation monitoring, and the performance of the governor; ( 10) For the launch of the compressed air tank, should check test pressure gauge and relief valve, whether to keep sensitive and reliable.
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