Diesel engine fault analysis inspection method

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
( 1) Discriminant according to abnormal sound fault parts of the heart to turn over with a screwdriver or one and a half meters long end with sharpened fine iron bar, for & other; Listen to the needle throughout & judgement; , one end of the stick ears, on the other side and the check parts surface, can be more clearly to monitor the abnormal noise produced by the site, the size and nature of noise. Different parts of the noise Wan tend to be different. Such as main bearing clearance is too large a rushing sound is depressing, valve and piston impact sound is ringing, if loose flywheel keyway close issue & other Gong! Gong! ” The sound ( 2) Judged by local law to stop after failure analysis, if the suspected fault is caused by a cylinder, can stop the cylinder work, observe whether failure phenomenon is disappear, to determine the cause of the problem and the location. Diesel smoke, for example, analysis of a cylinder nozzle spray hole blockage, to stop the oil supply, the cylinder disappear if the black smoke, right. ( 3) Using comparison method to judge according to the fault analysis, fault may be due to a suspected one zero, parts, can be the thing ( Or component part (s) To replace a new one, and then run the boot from diesel engine working condition before and after the change, so as to find out the cause of the problem. ( 4) According to the analysis of use heuristics to determine whether the cause of the problem is difficult to determine, changes the technology status of local scope are available, and observe the diesel engine performance if there is a shadow, in order to distinguish the cause of the failure. Couldn't send the provisions of the diesel engine power, for example, doubt some insufficient pressure cylinder pressure stroke, is caused by untight seal between the cylinder and piston, at this time will be open to inject a small amount of oil cylinder, cylinder head to improve sealing, then new good cylinder head, boot if test pressure, output power increases, analysis is correct. Diesel engine after how long use, a lot of the failure phenomenon, due to the diesel engine is different, various types of domestic and imported its structure and use of the environment is different, so the reason is also different, therefore, in dealing with a problem, make concrete analysis to specific issue should be according to the different situation. Correct analysis and judgment fault reasons of a diesel engine is a meticulous work, should not be split up before did not find out the cause of the problem, such not only can not eliminate the fault, and may be put apart, parts, short of technology strives for the new fault.
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