Diesel engine cooling water system and equipment

by:Jet Power     2020-11-28
Emergency diesel generator in circuit cooling system ( XJG) By two independent circuits: high temperature and low temperature cooling loop circuit composition. High temperature loop for cooling diesel engine cylinder liner, cylinder head and exhaust funnel base. Loop cooling air intake, lubricating oil at low temperature. Heat circuit is connected to the hot standby circuit, used in diesel engine in a waiting state, to ensure that the high temperature loop cooling water temperature within the range of 60-65 ℃. At the same time ensure lubricating oil temperature in the range of 40 to 55 ℃. To ensure that the ability to quickly when the diesel engine cold start loading and reduce wear and tear. Hot standby circuit can also act as a periodic purging, diesel engines, equipment, and the function of the pipe cavity. In addition, the cooling water system and ensure that the preparation of ( Ensure water chemical requirements) , piping and equipment of the filling, cooling water inside the piping, equipment and ruled out. According to the function of the system, it can be divided into three subsystems: ( A) High temperature cooling loop ( 2) Low temperature cooling loop ( 3) Coolant preparation, delivery and exclude system components and equipment system composition 1. 1 high temperature cooling loop: 1) XJG electric pump. 0 ap021; 2) Electric heater XJG. 0 ah020; 3) The tank XJG. 0BB001( Used for flushing, solution preparation, filling system) ; 4) Filling water pumps XJG. 0AP001; 5) Expansion tank XJG. 0 bb040; 6) Heat exchanger XJG. 0AC030; 7) Diesel engine crankshaft XJG driven pump. 0 ap010,020; 8) Piping and valves; 9) Monitoring instrument; 1. 2 cryogenic cooling loop: 1) Diesel engine crankshaft XJG driven pump. 0AP051; 2) Expansion tank XJG. 0BB070; 3) Air cooler XJQ. 0 ac011,012,021,022,032,041,042; 4) Back to the oil cooler XJN. 0AC001; 5) Lube oil cooler XJV. 0AC010; AC020; 6) Pipes, valves; 7) Monitoring instrument. 2 2 system equipment. 1 high temperature cooling loop ( Cooling diesel engine ontology) Out of the heat, When 100% power) -- -- -- -- about 1905 kw heat out of the ( When 110% power) -- -- -- -- about 2030 k
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