Diesel engine cooling system Lian check

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
The cold ears system of diesel engine main check the cooling water tank, water pump, thermostat, and looseness of fan belt, etc. 1. Check of the cooling water tank before checking should be thoroughly clean the scale, and then test. In the water tank leaking check method is often injected into hot water, check the leakage area, but the tiny micro leakage is not easy to find, the method can be used to check the. ( 1) Hydraulic fracturing check: each in and out of the hole plug will heat water tank, only one inlet opening, pressure water pump with the hand, the water from the inlet opening pressure into the tank, in ( 98. 1-147) KPa pressure, continuous ( 3 ~ 5) Min, check the seams or pipes for water seepage and leakage phenomenon. ( 2) Pressure test: will be in the water tank filled with water in the tank, and cheer to the air inlet and air pressure in the ( 49-98) KPa, observe the surface of the water, if there are any cracks can be seen a series of bubbles. After inspection found leaking place to make the mark, for repair. Radiator hose in fluctuation room open welding joint leaks, clean, with special soldering iron solder melting weld. If the tank outer leakage, after clean, zinc oxide, with a soldering iron weld repairs. Crushed the deformation of radiator, comb special tools are available for straightening. 2. Pump inspection to check the pump shaft neck and the wear of each hole available vernier caliper and inside micrometer to measure; Shell crack, except to see the appearance inspection, the tiny cracks, can be in diesel engine are in a state of thermal coating a layer of white powder, the ( 5 ~ 10) Minutes later, the watch crack parts. 3. Check the thermostat of thermostat in hot water for inspection, in ( 68 ~ 72) Should start to open when ℃, ( 80 ~ 85) ℃ should be completely open. If already too general failure or error should be replaced. 4. Fan belt and the degree of adjustment to check the fan belt pulley wheel and charging machine in the middle of the press with finger, press the distance is commonly ( 10 ~ 15) Mm, more than this range, can loosen the bracket fixed screw, flipping the charger, the tension adjustment right after the fastening screws.
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