Diesel engine commissioning before the check steps and fuel supply system

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
Diesel engine commissioning before the check steps are as follows: 1) Check whether the unit surface clean; The anchor nut, flywheel bolts and other moving parts nuts have loose phenomenon, fastening in time when problems found. 2) Check the clearance of each part is correct, especially should carefully check the clearance between the intake and exhaust door a few relief agencies clearance is in line with the requirements. 3) Each cylinder in the decompression, rotate the crankshaft to each cylinder works sound presence of abnormal sound, whether the crankshaft, oil pump into a friction surface at the same time, and then close the relief agencies, shaking the crankshaft, check whether the cylinder is a flat, if feel very arduous, shaking the crankshaft, said compression is normal. 4) Check the status of fuel supply system and steps are as follows: (1) check the fuel tank cover vent is smooth, if the hole in the dirt should be cleared away. To join the diesel is in compliance with the requirements of the brand, the amount of oil is enough, and open the oil circuit switch. (2) open the rocking-turn crankshaft relief agencies, each cylinder should have the clear spray voice, said injection well. If heard injection to the oil, which may be there is air in the oil, at this time to unscrew diesel oil filter and fuel injection pump vent screw, to eliminate oil in the air. (3) to check whether there is any leakage on tubing and tapping processing to solve in time when problems found. 5) Check the status of water cooling system, the steps are as follows: (1) check the adequacy of cooling water in the tank, if the water shortage, should add feet clean soft water. (2) check the connection pipes with and without slack phenomenon, discovered problems timely processing. (3) to check whether the cooling water pump impeller rotating flexible belt slack if appropriate. Check belt slack, in the central rotating belt by hand push, belt is down 10 ~ 15 mm is advisable. 6) Check the status of lubrication system and steps are as follows: (1) check whether there is any leakage on the oil pipe and tube joint, found that the problem timely solve processing. (2) check the oil sump oil quantity, take out next to the crankcase oil feet, observe whether the oil surface height is accord with the requirement of the rules, otherwise should add oil, the diesel engine, the winter and diesel engine oil, 8 or 11 put in 14 oil in summer
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