Detailed generator fuel tank failure causes and repair methods

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
As is known to all, fuel tank is an important group of words in the diesel generator parts, say change one and all a too much. Tank, it is used to store diesel oil container, usually with steel plate stamping after welded together. To prevent the diesel fuel tank internal bubble is formed after severe shock, tank interior surfaces in addition to do the antirust processing, sometimes with clapboard into more space. Refueling refueling is located in the top of the tank, below are usually equipped with mesh. To avoid inside a vacuum tank, the upper part of oil is generally equipped with oil drain port. one Tank easy generation and common fault has two kinds: flowline welding parts leak, or at the bottom of the tank is too many impurities. The above two kinds of failures are from the diesel engine speed instability or work all of a sudden stop. two Repair methods: when the diesel generator flowline with flat welding parts, you can use the welding copper tube; Excessive foreign matter in the bottom of the tank, can open the oil drain at the bottom of the tank mouth, clean them with diesel or gasoline. Specializing in the production of automatic diesel generating set, the use of integrated design, completely independent configuration, can meet the electricity requirements in any case, the true sense of the emergency power supply.
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