Compact generator shell fuel pump

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
( 1) Fuel pump fuel pump compact structure shell structure compact shell section. It consists of CAM shaft, CAM and roller lifter, plunger and plunger spring, oil incisors pole, fan-shaped gear set and pump body parts. The working process of the compact shell oil pump. ( 2) Principle: the working principle of the fuel injection pump (1) compact shell injection diesel generators is working, drive the CAM shaft rotation, the CAM driven wheel lifter upward movement, wheel lifter and push oil pump plunger upward movement. When the plunger in the next check point, oil pumps to pump oil cavity with low transportation fuel, fuel oil from the oil cavity into the plunger above space, and completely filled with it. Because of the CAM shaft force plunger moving up again, gradually to cover his oil hole, turn off the oil hole, injection start at this time. Plunger to continue upward movement will continue to fuel injection, until the edge back under the spiral chute oil hole, the injection is terminated, at this point, even if the plunger continues to rise, and returned to the next check point in the finish before the CAM lift all also not spray. 'Accordingly, fuel pump plunger moving upward, from the beginning injection to the oil end this period of time, the oil pump to form a high pressure and open the nozzle, the fuel is sprayed into the cylinder. (2) oil control principle: as the bottom of each pump plunger is equipped with fan-shaped gear set, and the oil incisors pole with all the fan-shaped gear set of tooth and, therefore, the mobile oil incisors pole synchronous adjustment can be made. When oil incisors rod movement, the oil pump plunger is rotating spiral chute with different areas of the oil hole and the oil return hole alignment. Oil incisors rod joint on the governor, governor of diesel engine based on screw the oil pump plunger speed and load to the different positions of several kinds of working condition. 1) Oil the location. In the fortress of straight groove and oil hole position column alignment. When the camshaft drive plunger upward movement, although the fortress of column filled with to deliver the fuel oil pump pressure, however, due to the oil hole is open, can't afford to build injection pressure, even if the plunger according to the CAM lift up and down, won't produce oil. 2) Position rapidly. Moving speed on the joystick, plunger will turn to run the position, when the oil hole was closed, only for short jet fuel, until the spiral chute open the oil return hole under the edge. Which can offer low speed and high-speed empty empty enough fuel. 3) At full capacity. When diesel engine needs more fuel oil, the governor is to switch the plunger to full of oil, oil will continue a long time, increase the oil. This position is designed for rated fuel delivery. 4) Speed and load position. When the piston is not in the speed and load conditions, the governor will put plunger in sharply between oil supply and the oil supply a certain position, using the gas pedal to manipulate this position. By the same token, the diesel engine is started, the plunger as phase rotation, also makes the oil hole and spiral trough the longest part of the alignment, make the injection to the duration of the longest, provide more fuel, and startup.
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