Choose eight myth of diesel generators

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
Diesel generators as an emergency standby power supply in power plants and other important places has been widely used, users should pay attention to when buy eight trap, avoid blindly choose and buy. 1, the relationship between confusion KW and KVA. Sell KVA as KW to exaggerate the power, to the customer. In fact KVA is apparent power, KW is the effective power, their relationship to IKVA = 0. 8 kw。 Import units generally expressed in KVA power unit, and domestic electricity equipment is generally expressed in KW, so accounting power should be the KVA 8 discount when converted to KW. 2, do not speak row ( Rated) The relationship between power and backup power, only said a & other; Power & throughout; , and the back-up power as a prime power to sell to customers. In fact, the backup power = 1. 1 x prime power. Moreover, backup power can only use 1 hour in 12 hours continuous running. 3, the power of diesel engine and generator to be as big as the power, in order to reduce the cost. In fact, the general provisions of diesel engine power & ge; Generator power 10%, because there are mechanical wear and tear. More bad, and the diesel engine horsepower as kw false positives to the user, and with less than diesel generator power allocation unit, commonly known as: small horse-drawn cart, unit and reduced life spans, frequent maintenance the fee is high. 4, can't distinguish used a refurbished machine and new machine. Some sellers will be renovated with new diesel engine generator and control cabinets for sale, but generally non-expert users fundamental points is not clear whether new or old machine. 5, don't ask diesel engine or generator brand, producing area and unit. Such as the United States, Sweden Volvo, Stanford in Britain. In fact any a diesel generating set impossible by a company independently. Customers should be a comprehensive understanding of the unit of diesel engine, generator, control cabinet manufacturers and brands, to comprehensive assessment of the level of the unit. 6, be sure to buy protection function ( Commonly known as the four protection) The complete unit. To see whether the instrument is complete, the unit is open air switch. In fact, the general provisions of above 10 kw unit must take the whole instrument ( Commonly known as the five tables) And air switch; Large units and automation units must contain the four protection function. 7, don't talk about brand of diesel engine and generator class, control system configuration, don't talk about after-sales service, only talk about the price and delivery time. There will also be the power station for oil machine, such as: Marine diesel engine, automotive diesel engine for generator set. The end products of generating units & ndash; - The quality of the electricity ( Voltage and frequency) Can't guarantee. Too low price units generally have problems, commonly known as: only buy the wrong not to sell wrong! 8, don't talk about random accessories, such as with or without silencers, oil tank, oil pipe, with what the grade of battery, how much capacity battery, battery and so on. In fact, it is very important to these attachments, must be stated in the contract. What is more even without a radiator fan, let the customer since the open pool. Diesel generating set is a important standby power equipment, purchase need to be cautious and slow, when using can handy.
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