China's development trend of the diesel generator industry and related industries

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
With the development of international economy, in order to achieve the integration of the domestic economy, domestic industries are in rapid development, in recent years, diesel generating sets industry has made rapid development in our country. But there's good side, inevitably will be accompanied by a bit defects. Therefore, the domestic some low level repeated construction phenomenon. Diesel generator set in China compared with developed countries, there is a shortage of products and technology level, mainly introduce the foreign advanced engine and generator technology, the diesel generator set industry innovation and development constitutes the resistance, now only through market regulation and strengthen the downstream industry to realize natural selection, experts predict the diesel generator set market development of our country will take on the following three characteristics: a. Diesel generator set market increasingly monopolized except for diesel generating set at present in China has certain advantages and some gasoline generating set, diesel generating set is almost no other system is new to the market demand for some of the complete set of packaging production line, power generation equipment in the world are several large diesel generator set enterprises ( Group) The monopoly. two Diesel generator set technical content increased China's existing some diesel generator set product technology content is not high, and have put a lot of advanced foreign technology used in diesel generating sets, such as remote monitoring technology, Including monitoring) , step motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, etc. 3. Diesel generator parts production specialization international power generation equipment industry attaches great importance to improve the diesel generator set technical ability, so the diesel generator parts production specialization is the inevitable trend in the development, a lot of parts by diesel generator factory production no longer, but by some common standard parts factory production, some special parts by highly specialized production factory production, really famous diesel generator set factory will likely be assembly plant. Products to multifunctional and development of a single, high-speed polarization. Diesel generating sets of zui throughout role is to effectively ease the power shortage. Diesel generating sets are cater to businesses the production development and the change of social demand and rapid change, production technical trend, especially in environmental protection is imminent, improve the environmental performance of the diesel generating set is imminent. With the development of industrial society is not short, use diesel generator set in China will continue to increase, so the diesel generator set market space is bigger also, while the demand for equipment will be very substantial, the market space will be a great leap.
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