Check and adjust the injection timing

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Due to the fuel injection and combustion requires a certain amount of time, for high speed diesel engine, often in the piston compressor quickly to the front of the check point on a certain Angle to start injection ( The injection advance Angle said) To ensure the fuel burning in the best moment. Therefore, whether the fuel injection timing, had a great influence on diesel engine performance and fuel economy. So, as aforesaid, to use a certain time or by disassembling and reassemble diesel engine should be check and adjustment of injection timing. Injection timing is when the piston is in compression stroke injection before the check point on time. 5 before KTTA type diesel engine is top dead center. 16 m or crankshaft Angle & 19 deg; When in the injector and the distance between the oil cup. Injection timing by the push rod stroke volume, as shown in figure 9 12. 1. Injection timing instrument installation check and adjust the injection timing is according to the relationship between the piston position and injector push rod position. Using a specially check injection timing for this instrument ( 3375522 timing device, applicable to all diesel engine) , as shown in figure 9 13. Injection timing instrument installation method is as follows: first the push rod plunger plunger piston support 4 to 3 outer incision, as shown in figure 9 14, aimed at putting plunger instrument support mark, tighten bolts. Then put instructions tables 1 and 2 on the support, the extension rod installation to the piston stroke indicator. Before installation, first remove rocker arm cover, rocker arm assembly and fuel injector. Mount timing instrument, the timing instrument measurement of diesel generators piston stroke of rod inserted into a hole in the fuel injector, then the measurement of fuel injector putter in fuel injector push rod ball head on. Timing device has two dial gauge: a dial gauge rod and the piston contact, call the piston stroke dial gauge: another dial gauge rod in putting the ball seat, called the push rod stroke dial gauge, timing instrument installation location must be parallel to the center line of the cylinder, otherwise affect the accuracy of the amount. 2. Injection timing tests to check and adjust the first cylinder: 1) According to the crankshaft to rotate the crankshaft, make the check mark & other; 1 - 6TC” Alignment of the timing gear cover guidelines or mark, make a cylinder at the end of the compression on the check point location and timing device, has been observed at this time two piston to move up and down, as shown in figure 9 15, if found two plunger not upward ( One up, one down) Mobile, a cylinder is in exhaust nearly finished and air intake, not in a position, the end of the compression crankshaft should be on a business trip again, can make a cylinder in the end of the compression position. This is the figure 9 - position Point 1 in 16.
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