Cause diesel generator power deficiency after overhaul

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Cause diesel generator power deficiency after overhaul are: generator component integration have the strict limit, before delivery after debugging and testing, to achieve the best fuel economy of diesel generators, the power state after overhaul may produce the following problems: the air filter is not clean; The exhaust pipe blocking; Fuel delivery advance Angle is too big or too small; The piston and cylinder liner strain; Fuel system failure in cooling and lubrication system has fault; Cylinder head group of fault; Connecting rod bearing shell and crankshaft connecting rod journal surface bite. After generator overhaul, insufficient power solution including those? Diesel generator power caused by the failures of the above, can pass air filter do not clean the exclusion methods: should clean diesel air filter cartridge according to requirements or clear the dust on the print cartridge, element changes when necessary. Exhaust pipe block elimination method: should check whether caused by exhaust tube carbon deposit too much exhaust resistance increased. General exhaust back pressure should not be more than 3. 3 kpa, at ordinary times often should remove the exhaust pipe of carbon deposit. Oil is too big or too small elimination method: should check whether injection drive shaft adapter screws loose, if loose, should be adjusted according to requirements of the generator shaft oil again, and screw down the screws.
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