Before the crankshaft flange and the installation of torsional vibration damper

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Before the crankshaft flange and torsional vibration damper installation method and steps are as follows: when installation, must make flanged cone hole and crankshaft accurate laminating. The inspection method is: 1) In the layer of the tu yi on crankshaft conical journal evenly blue oil ( Or red lead oil) , the flange is installed on the crankshaft, turn the 1/8 circle, remove the flange, check the blue oil marks on the inner hole. In the crankshaft main interface is 100%, and 100% contact length from the big end of at least 12 again. 7 mm, the rest of the area of contact is at least 70%. 2) If flange cone hole and crankshaft well under joint, should check whether there is flange hole and crankshaft neck surface damage or hair. If no damage or hair, re-examine joint after applying paste grinding, until qualified. 2. Installation process sheet and shock absorber assembly (1) On crankshaft journal of flange SAE3o protective oil lubrication. Pay attention to not let the oil stained on the crankshaft oil seal. Such as cast iron flange, do not besmear oil lubrication, 2) Will be installed flange mount crankshaft, mount damper and screw, tightening torque of 244 ~ 271 n & middot; m。 3) Will dial gauge is installed on the timing gear cover, check the crankshaft deflection of flange is not concentricity and quantity before, not concentricity must be less than zero. 1016 mm, the radius of 69. Volume of deflection of around 850 mm must be less than zero. 0764mm. 4) Will shock absorbers loaded on the mounting flange, screw and a new gasket. Screw up to 74. 5 ~ 81 N· Used after m, tighten the lock to lock. 5) The dial indicator on the timing gear cover, check amount of concentricity and deflection of shock absorber. Rotate the crankshaft ( When measuring the crankshaft strength it will to the front or back side) And dial gauge readings in radius (per square inch From the date the shock absorber center) On the circumference of a circle is not greater than zero. 064mm。 3. A cylindrical shaft end crankshaft vibration damper and the pulley assembly l) Before such as diesel generators support, is first put forward bracket, tighten the screw torque of 75 n & middot; m。 2) The two keys to the crankshaft, then loaded on the crankshaft pulley and shock absorber, and mount screws and washers, see 9 - torque 5. 3) Measuring deflection of shock absorber circle and end face, the above methods and data.
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