Before starting the diesel generators to prepare and check

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
Diesel generator in failing to start the inspection before and start preparations are not allowed to start, before operation mode selection switch shall be in & other; OFF” position Diesel generator starting or running mode selection switch, check the battery charging power supply, power supply, control and signal system, air system, fuel system, cooling water temperature control into normal lubricating oil system. On battery charging power supply, check charging red light source and voltage of battery ( 24V - 30V) Or so, the capacity of the battery unit shall meet the electricity consumption of starting 9 times in a row. Check the temperature of cooling water heater power input and the red light. Check the indoor fuel oil storage tank ( Should satisfy unit full 8 hours of continuous running) oil Oil level is normal, open the diesel generators into the accelerator. Using manually oil. Before starting the fuel system to exhaust air, otherwise will affect the engine can not start properly. About the diesel generator set all working ticket has an end, diesel engine with no one to work, and other obstacles. Check the diesel generator normal oil level. Check the diesel generator cooling water level is normal. Check for normal diesel generator preheating. Unit, no leakage, leakage phenomenon, machine clean without sundry, vent without sundry. The electric circuits of the dashboard inside and outside clean, without sundry, normal and there is no alarm control panel. Check all meet the requirements of starting switch position correct, diesel generator on the dashboard & other; Emergency stop & throughout; Button position is correct, check diesel generator outlet switch in the off position. Diesel generator applied in before the start of the 1000 v shake table measuring insulation, its value is not lower than 0. 5 mΩ 。
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