Assembly and push rod CAM follower and rocker arm

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
1 the CAM follower CAM assembly as shown in figure 3 - from the east side assembly 17. Due to the roller can roll on the CAM, so wear is small. Servo arm roller made from chromium alloy steel, and the quenching. Keep the tempering treatment, the hardness at HRC61 ~ HRC64. 2. Push rod and rocker arm push rod is a hollow steel rod, reduce reciprocating inertia, the top has a concave nest, top in radial back-end adjusting bolt, round head, the lower end of the push rod is round head, in the arm pit. Each cylinder inlet and exhaust, fuel injector putting a root. Fuel injector of push rod diameter larger than the diameter of the valve push rod. Fuel injector push rod diameter can be 19. 5 mm, also can be 16. 67mm。 The valve push rod diameter is 15. 88mm。 Large CAM NTC 400 diesel generators is 16. 66mm。 The valve push rod is longer than injection putting 1. 78mm。 Big CAM models and the difference of small CAM type push rod length are shown in table 3 - 1. Table 3 - 1) push rod length standard push rod push rod length small camshaft ( CAM shaft neck) CAM shaft type ( CAM shaft neck) The minimum maximum minimum maximum injector push rod, 464. 56, 465. 32, 451. 48, 452. 24 the valve push rod 466. 34, 467. 11, 454. 15, 454. 91 diesel engine with deflated structure, the exhaust valve rod is equipped with a shoulder, give up the shoulder ring makes the push rod rises, open the exhaust valve. Without the deflated structure model, and the exhaust valve on the push rod without shoulder ring, into the exhaust valve push rod is the same. On the top of the cylinder head is equipped with a rocker room, there are three radial six cylinder chamber. In the fifth, six cylinder cover rocker arm is equipped with the crankcase ventilation tube assembly. Two cylinder inlet and exhaust door four rocker arm with both control injector piston radial load on the same root rocker arm shaft. The front end of the inlet and exhaust valve rocker arm pressure in the middle of the t-shaped plate beam, the adjusting bolt at the rear end of the rocker arm and lock nut, used to adjust the valve clearance.
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