Any brushless alternator factories instead of trading companies recommended?
It's important to know what type of supplier you are looking for when sourcing in China. If you consider buying brushless alternator from a Chinese manufacturer, FUZHOU JET ELECTRIC MACHINERY CO., LTD is always an option for you. A factory usually provides more options when you order custom made or branded products (OEM / ODM). Rather than cooperate with a trading company, customers will better understand a manufacturer(factory)'s pricing structure, capabilities and limitations - thus making current and future product development more efficient.
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Highly recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers, Jet Power is now a leader in light tower generator industry. gasoline generator set produced by Jet Power is very popular in the market. Strict examining system of Jet Power distribution control panel will be carried out throughout the production process. The final piece of the product has to go through a complete set of inspection in terms of stamping, cutting, and polishing quality. The obtain of reputation is after we's pain-sticking efforts.
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