Air filter of diesel generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
In diesel engine using there are dry type air filter, air filter of heavy dry type air filter ( Single core and dual core) , drum type air filter and composite dry type air filter, etc. Diesel engine air filter arm of ordinary road with cars, especially in the mine and the construction site dust, the air cleaner easily blocked, so the flow of air filter is larger. Multi-tube cyclone with dry paper core composite air filter. Into the whirlwind dust air through the air inlet filter, along each root canal of spiral guide front into, make the air spinning, under the action of dust in the in the mind be left to the outer wall and fall into the dust cup, was filtering through the cyclone center pipe flows upward, then through dry filter paper to make a fine dust is filtered and exported from filter into the cylinder. The role of the security filter is to enhance the overall reliability and efficiency of air cleaning system. In order to achieve maximum efficiency of the reliability of the system. Namely to best protect the engine, when the security filter clogging, should change a new filter, take a way to continue to use after cleaning is not far. Naturally aspirated diesel engine at rated speed, through the filter of the air resistance shall not be more than 5 kpa. Supercharged diesel engine full load condition, through the filter of the hungry polite resistance must not exceed 61 kpa. In order to display the resistance is too large, dry type air filter in the filter outlet is equipped with automatic display dust indicator. In the middle, black plastic dust indicates a clear band, ontology has a red cylinder, when the air filter has not been blocked, the cylinder is spring spring to the above, red tag does not show. When the filter cartridge is dirt jam, the resistance is too large, the indicator window red flag rising gradually, to filter for dust removal or replacement of new parts at this time. After processing, press the reset button, to reset the indicator of the original. In addition to the automatic indicator. And a vacuum indicator. When the air resistance is too large, through the vacuum switch lamp.
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