Adjust the pressure injector plunger takes a seat by the moment method

by:Jet Power     2020-11-28
This method is to use special torque wrench to have fuel injector adjusting screw to specified torque value to the setting pressure injector plunger takes a seat. Must, therefore, when the fuel valve plunger down to the lower cone in contact with the mouth of conical surface can be adjusted. From FIG. 9 7 it is not hard to see, the plunger within the range of HA is in contact with the mouth of the conical seat faces, so that all can be adjusted within the range of the HA this cylinder injector, therefore calls the HA pressure adjustable area for the plunger takes a seat. Specific adjustment methods and steps: can be adjusted by cylinder in firing order, but this method must be counted the number of times the same rotation with diesel engine cylinder can be adjustable. For example, six cylinder turned six times the crankshaft is needed to adjust, and it was too time-consuming fast ( Twice) Adjustment method ( In six-cylinder diesel, for example) 。 1) Make the first cylinder power stroke and l - 6 v sign and mark alignment on the gear chamber cover. Therefore, for the following: (1) pressure relief pole ( If there is one) Rotation in the crankshaft rotation direction, at the same time observe the sixth cylinder valve rocker arm action, when the inlet and exhaust valves alternating movement, continue to turn the crankshaft, with 1 - 6 vs mark and marks on the gear chamber cover to stop running on time. This position reflected in the diesel engine working cycle table ( Table 9 - 7) Is 1 VS location, that is, the first cylinder power stroke 90 & deg; The location of the. From table 9 7 it is not hard to see in this position the first cylinder ( Power stroke & 90 deg; ) And the second cylinder ( Exhaust) And the fourth cylinder ( Exhaust) Injection plunger are in force plunger takes a seat adjustable area ( Figure 9 - HA section in the 7) , namely the plunger are in the position of the contact with the mouth conical seat faces, so, this position can be adjusted at the same time the first cylinder, the second cylinder, the fourth cylinder pressure injector plunger takes a seat. (2) loosen the adjustment screw lock nut and tighten the screw until the fuel valve plunger in the position of the lift is zero, Contact with the mouth conical seat faces) And then adjust screw 15 & deg; To ensure that all the pressure of fuel oil in the nozzle head ( The film plunger in the lowest position G, see FIG. 9 7) The plunger lift is negative. Will adjust screw exit 1. (3) with torque wrench ( Must have a screw joint. ) The adjusting screw to table 9 Moment of 10 rules. Will adjust the screw twist out again to the specified value, into 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, to ensure the accuracy of adjustment. (4) still resist the adjustable screw, screw lock nut to 54 ~ 61 n & middot; m。 If use the company's dedicated ST - 669 joint should be tightened to 41 ~ 47 n & middot; m。
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